Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture are synergistic therapeutic modalities that are often used together.

These are safe, effective ways to improve one’s health over the long term. The use of Chinese Herbal medicine can help us get to the deepest root of our illness.

Chinese Medicine | Chinese Herbs in Durango, Colorado

Groundswell stocks a medicinary of the highest quality we can attain. We confidently use these herbs to make formulas specific to each of our patients.

An effective formula is put together according to the principles of classical combining. The formulas we put together are rooted in the classical literature of Chinese Medicine and are often modified to work specifically with the body’s complex presentation.

Often Chinese herbs are taken for a period of several months to get to the root of the problem. The formula is changed weekly or monthly depending on how the body responds.

Herbs may be prescribed in many forms: teas, granules, tinctures, capsules, or pills. I most often will suggest a tea from granules. This allows me to create a customized formula just for you.

Chinese Herbal Medicine rarely causes any side effects.

Chinese herbs have the capacity to get to the root cause of most medical conditions.

Legendary Herbs Granules

Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine, for health and wellness in Durango CO

To learn more about the quality of herbs we use, check out Legendary Herbs, owned and operated by Eric and Charlie Brand, in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Legendary Herbs is committed to the highest quality and potency of their granule herbs, directly sourced from the premier producers in China.